Where are your retailers?

We sell only at Fashion At Eye Istanbul.

How many years of warranty is provided?

We provide two years of warranty for our MEMO sunglasses.

What is your return policy?

If unworn, you can return or change your sunglasses in two weeks, shipment covered by you.

What does your warrant cover and does not?

The deformation of the frame plate, lens filter, nose or temple silicons, non color changing MEMOlenses.

Scratched, broken lenses due to personal accidents, frame deformation due to personal excuses such as wearing on head, lens deformation due to direct sun light exposure such as car dashboard or cologne / sunscreen exposure. Broken frame parts such as nose and temple silicon connections due to personal damage.

How many sizes are there in MEMO sunglasses?

We have three sizes; 52, 54 ve 56.

What colors do MEMOmatic lenses come in?

Pink, purple, blue and dark green. All MEMO sunglasses with MEMOmatic lenses, fall into Category 0 sunglasses when transparent and Category 2 sunglasses when change colors, in terms of light transmittance.

Do MEMOsunglasses have sun protection?

All of our sunglasses are CE approved and they have UV filters in their own categories. However we do recommend our darker lenses for more protection.

Are the lenses polarized?

We only use polarized lenses in our mirrored collection.

Do the lenses have any diopthry?

No, all our sunglasses are Verre Plan 0 diophtry sunglasses.

How is the quality of your lenses?

Our lenses are CR 39 Organic lenses.

Are MEMO frames suitable for optical wearing?

You can use your MEMOsunglasses frames as optical frames, by the help of your optician.

We do not provide any prescribed lenses.

How do you ship your sunglasses?

We ship with UPS. Once we receive your payment, we ship within 24 hours, -if no emergency- we deliver in maximum 4 days.

What are your recommendations for more longetivity of your sunglasses?

Take off your sunglasses with both hands.

Always put your sunglasses facing up, on sharp surfaces.

Carry your sunglasses with their cases.

Don’t wear your sunglasses on your head.

You can wash your sunglasses with tap water and dry with the cleaning cloth we provide. We recommend to wash them with warm water every night against deformation which can be caused by sweating.

Keep your sunglasses away from cosmetic products, acetone, alcohol or salty environment.

Protect your sunglasses against possible deformations caused by exposure to direct sunlight on car dashboard or worn during extensive sunbathing, as well as salt or chlorac worn while swimming.