The starting point of MEMO SUNGLASSES is the changing colors of Istanbul where we live four seasons to the full extent.

Debuting MEMOmatic (TM) lenses which change colors under sunlight while transparent inside, most MEMO sunglasses frames are 14 carat gold plated, designed by Selin Olmsted in square forms and handmade in Istanbul.

The lenses of MEMO feature antireflective coating and UV filter.  MEMOmatic lenses which can be safely worn while working with computers or watching TV when transparent, become a perfect pair of Category 2 sunglasses in seconds, changing into pink, purple, blue and green under direct sunlight.

Mr. Mehmet San (a.k.a. MEMO), one of the first Turkish opticians, whom we get our inspiration says: “When I look back, I love every single day of my 60 years career as an optician, trying to make you see the world better. Now, it is the time to color our memories. I hope your MEMO SUNGLASSES show you beautiful things and let you forgive, love and see with the heart.”

And we, as MEMO SUNGLASSES team couldn’t agree more…